Mehr als Töne - Musikpädagogik und Gesellschaft

"Being bimusical"

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This episode is based on a video conference in which music education students from Lübeck talk to David Lines, Associate Professor of Music Education and Associate Dean of Curriculum at the University of Auckland, Waipapa Taumata Rau, New Zealand. The group discusses concepts and ideas that underpin his paper “A Piano Mismatch: Passion, dreams and a good boy.“ He shares parts of his autoethnographic research and explains why he decided to choose autoethnography as a research tool in music education. The group discusses these questions: Why do young people feel the need to be “a good boy“ or “a good girl“? How can we deal with the concept of “hard work“ in music in a positive way? What is problematic about oppositions that are often created when people talk about different musical styles such as “classical,“ “jazz“ or “popular music“? How can we empower our students to improvise?


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