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"It’s important to take care of each other.“

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This is the second of two episodes that deal with topics I discussed with the organizers, workshop leaders and participants at the “Music Leadership Summit“ which was held by the Musicians Without Borders (MWB). In this episode, music trainer and workshop leader Juan-David Garzón talks about the project “Soy música“ in El Salvador, where MWB train local music teachers. Michał Zawadzki is an Assistant Professor at Jönköping International Business School in Sweden who decided to use drumming in his classes. And Ágata Ricca is a choir leader from Portugal who currently works in Mozambique and focuses on choral practice in communities in her doctoral studies. In our conversations, we talk about these questions: In what way can we use music-making for peace-building? What role does creativity play here? In what way can we use music-making to strengthen other people’s self-confidence? How can we reduce hierarchies in musical groups and learn to work together? How can a choir work on an own interpretation of a score?


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