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"Empowering people to being leaders in their own way…“

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In October 2021, the “Musicians Without Borders“ (MWB) held their first “Music Leadership Summit“ in Ede, The Netherlands. In this and the upcoming episode, you will get a chance to listen to people who organized, created and participated in this event. In the first two conversations, I asked Laura Hassler (director of the MWB) and Otto de Jong (one of the organization’s most experienced trainers) these questions: What are the roots of the Musicians Without Borders‘ (MWB) understanding of justice? How do the MWB define musical quality? What kind of leadership do they think is needed today? Last but not least: How can musical leaders also use music as a tool to create order in a classroom or rehearsal room full of teenagers who are eager to make music? For more information about the MWB go to:


by Ágata Ricca on
Great, Dani! Very inspiring! Thank you!

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