Mehr als Töne - Musikpädagogik und Gesellschaft

“Any system has the potential to be oppressive.“

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In this second part of their conversation with music education professor Joseph Abramo, Juan-Esteban Rendón and Juliana Otto pose these questions: How can we translate Paulo Freire’s concept of a liberating education into our practice as music educators? Which of his ideas are still relevant for music teachers and our societies today? How can we pass on tradition without being “oppressive“ in the sense Freire describes? Should music education be obligatory in high schools? Joseph Abramo illustrates how the theoretical concepts of “banking education“ and “problem-posing education“ are realized in music education, and he explains in what way teaching can mean that teachers and students discover things together. If you are interested in his reading of “Pedagogy of the Oppressed“ go to


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