Mehr als Töne - Musikpädagogik und Gesellschaft

"It starts with relationship."

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In this and the upcoming episode, David Schwartz, Milena Frech, Leonie Lechle und Camilla Meisterjahn deal with Jiddu Krishnamurti’s philosophy of education and the question how it can be put into practice in public schools. They present parts from an interview with the arts teacher Jennifer Kowalewski, who used to teach at Brockwood Park School in England – a boarding school that was founded by the Indian philosopher in 1969. The students and Jennifer talk about concepts of “conformity“ and the pressures that come with it. They discuss how young people can learn to take responsibility for their actions, and address the question how we can actively change patterns that we know are not serving our own and other people’s well-being. Permission to reproduce from the works of J. Krishnamurti for which the copyright is held by the Krishnamurti Foundations has been given on the understanding that such permission does not indicate endorsement of the views expressed in this media. For more information about J. Krishnamurti please see:


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